Catering Director, Jeannine Domingue
(888) 581-0005 / (310) 619-8710

Ragin Cajun has been awarded 2014 Daily Breeze South Bay's Best Cajun/Creole Food and
South Bay's Favorite Caterer.

2014 Best Cajun Food 2014 Best Caterer

Before the days of our Mobile Food Vehicles and by request from so many faithful Ragin Cajun Café friends, we engaged in the noble endeavor of providing Catering services to our local business and private party families! Today, we are providing all sorts of Catering options for all sorts of folks out there, incorporating our Fantastic Cajun Menu and our Mobile Food Fleet, we can take care of you… whatever your catering needs are! CATERING SERVICE OPTIONS

Mobile Food Truck: We'll come to you and the rest is history! Your company staff, party guests, school function crowd, whomever... will love you! Oh yeah, don’t forget to provide us with an approved space to park your Ragin Cajun Mobile Food Truck!

Delivery and pick-up: Your Catered Cajun Menu choices for lunch, dinner, corporate meeting, business luncheon… anything really. We'll leave fabulous food with you and pick up chaffing dishes later that day.

Full Service Catering Event: So we show up with our famous Cajun food, staff, friendly service and stay to the end.. does it get any better?