History Of The Ragin Cajun Cafe

– Trappeys receiving an award for canning vegetables for the armed services during the war –

There are few names that evoke the pioneering spirit (esprit de pionnier) of Cajun country like the Trappey name.  Legend has it that back in 1898, B.F. Trappey created a unique hot sauce from the savory Tabasco peppers of Avery Island.  His former employer, the McIlhenny Company, came up with a similar product and a legal battle soon ensued that would make it all the way to the Supreme Court 30 years later as B.F. fought the trademark name Tabasco.  In the meanwhile, B.F. continued on and his original Louisiana’s Hot Sauce is still on the market today over one hundred years later being enjoyed by families around the world.

Ragin Cajun History

– Original Factory –

B.F. would form a company and over time add several other sauces as well as canned beans and other fabulous Cajun-style goods to their offerings. Many family members would spend time working for the company.  In fact, one of B.F.’s granddaughters, Mary Trappey Domingue or “Miss Mary” as she is often fondly referred to, started to think beyond the sauces to the meals they helped enhance.  In her way, she pioneered several now famous Cajun dishes and even began teaching others how to prepare these foods as well. To this day, she is still teaching Cajun-style cooking classes in Lafayette, Louisiana.

One of Mary’s sons, Stephen Domingue, moved to California in 1988 with his then girlfriend who at the time was an aspiring actress.  Before long, he was missing the culture of Lafayette, especially the incredible food that he had become so accustomed to with Mary.  It wasn’t long before he realized that he had an opportunity to bring Cajun food, that is real authentic Cajun food, to California.  He would go on to open up the very first and pioneering Ragin’ Cajun restaurant in Hermosa Beach, California on April 1, 1992.  He eventually engaged the help of Mary and his sister, Jeannine, to help run the increasingly popular restaurant.

– Opening Day, 1992 –

This unique and successful restaurant would carry-on for the next 18 years.  During the final year of his lease in Hermosa Beach, Stephen was presented with an opportunity to pioneer the Cajun food concept yet again.  He managed to win a coveted slot in the first reality cable show of its kind, The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network Channel.  Stephen didn’t win the race, but he gained a huge following for what he was doing with his truck.

When the time came for Stephen to move out of the restaurant, he decided to build on the popularity of the food truck.  In a matter of months, he would go on to win six consecutive food truck competitions, which reaffirmed his feeling that he was on to something.

– Ragin Cajun on Wheels –

In 2012, Stephen enlisted the support of others with the intent of building on the work that he has been doing with the food trucks and of getting back into both quickserve restaurants and full service restaurants.   Ragin’ Cajun has already expanded our fleet of trucks and anticipate opening up our first restaurants in 2013.

Thank you for your support of Ragin’ Cajun and we look forward to serving you soon.

À bientôt!

The Ragin’ Cajun Family